10 Cool Destinations You Can Fly To On Budget Airlines From UK Airports

There are now so many interesting and cool destinations that you can fly to on budget airlines from the UK. Whilst a lot of the European city and beach escapes are pretty popular, there’s still quite a few destinations that fly under the radar. This list encompasses Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. 

Whilst I try and travel as much as I can, I’m also aware of my budget at the same time. Subscriptions to the likes of Jack’s Flight Club, and Genius membership on booking.com have been invaluable lifelines. But, it’s also great to know that there are so many cool destinations that you can access now with budget carriers from the UK. 

Nur Sultan, Kazakstan



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Admittedly, this one includes a stop-over in Budapest. Wizz Air flies direct to Nur Sultan from the Hungarian capital twice a week, usually for under £100 return. Most UK airports have flights to Budapest, I paid £30 for mine. This is a trip I plan on taking later this year, flying on to Uzbekistan from Kazakstan. You should definitely try to make the most of Budapest too, it’s such a cool and welcoming city with so much history and so much to see. 

Aqaba, Jordan

Both Easyjet and Ryanair fly direct from the UK to Aqaba, Jordan’s southern seaside city. Ryanair also fly to the capital city Amman from various European airports including Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Brussels (Charleroi). I flew into Amman from Prague (£40), and out to Krakow (£15). Petra and Wadi Rum are both easily accessible from either Aqaba or Amman. 

Hurghada, Egypt



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A touristy destination, Easyjet fly direct to Hurghada from Manchester and London. Flights to Hurghada are usually much cheaper to other Egyptian airports such as Luxor and Cairo which are mainly serviced by legacy carriers such as British Airways and foreign flag carriers like Ukrainian. A nice beach destination on its own, Hurghada is also well positioned to further explore Egypt’s treasures. From Hurghada, you can fly via Egypt Air to Cairo to see the pyramids, or you can get a bus for less than a tenner. Hurghada is also relatively close to the Valley of Kings. 

Beirut, Lebanon



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Whilst British Airways is the only airline to fly to Beirut direct from the UK, you can also fly to the Lebanese capital via Paphos with Ryanair, or from Amsterdam with Transavia (KLM’s budget subsidiary). Beirut has shaken off its war-torn image and is one of the Middle East’s fastest-growing cities. British citizens can gain a free visa upon arrival (as of January 2020). If applied for in advance, a single entry visa otherwise costs £25.

Terceira, Portugal



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From Summer 2020, Ryanair will have a direct route from London Stansted to Terceira, you can also fly via Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal, the Portuguese flag carrier. One of the islands that makes up the stunning Azores, Terceira is my latest find and is one of the destinations at the very top of my list to visit. 

St Petersburg, Russia

In 2017, I spent £170 in BA’s flight sale on flights from Heathrow to St Petersburg, Russia’s most easterly city. Now, you can fly direct from Luton Airport with Wizz Air to St Petersburg or to Moscow for way less. St Petersburg is such a beautifully ornate city which I would really recommend, and Moscow is on my list for this year. UK citizens will also need to pay for a visa in advance. A tourist visa costs around £40. 

Yerevan, Armenia




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The Armenian capital city has become serviced by Ryanair in the past year. From the UK, it’s new route includes a layover in either Milan, Rome or Berlin. 

Tbilisi, Georgia




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Whilst Wizz Air have flown to the Georgian town of Kutaisi for several years, Ryanair’s new Tbilisi route is currently the only budget route to the Georgian capital. Whilst you’d have to fly to either Milan or Cologne first from the UK, flights to both of these are usually inexpensive. Tbilsi is really high on my list to visit, and I’m hoping to spend a few days in the city later in the year.  

Marrakesh, Morocco

One of the only African countries served by budget European airlines, Easyjet and Ryanair both have direct routes from the UK. I personally had a pretty bad experience in Morocco, but you honestly have to experience places for yourself. I flew out of Liverpool with Ryanair for £30 and back to Manchester with Easyjet for £50. 

Kiev, Ukraine



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Ryanair offer direct flights a couple of times a week to the Ukranian capital from both Manchester and London. I’ll be flying Ryanair to Kiev at the end of the month for the weekend. My return flights cost just £40. Kiev is also pretty close to Chernobyl, the site of the nuclear disaster, so that’s definitely an interesting place to explore too. A day trip from Kiev to Chernobyl costs around £100. 

Clearly, there’s so many cool destinations that you can fly to on budget airlines from UK airports, lots of which just fly under the radar. It’s worth checking regularly for new route announcements to make the most out of your travel experiences whilst sticking to your budget.

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