My Favourite Travel Destinations of 2019

Last year, I visited 19 different countries, many of which for the first time. I know that I'm a bit late to the party with my list of my favourite travel destinations of 2019, but I've been wiped out with another 8 day week at work. I also fell asleep way before midnight so I've realised that I'm officially old now as well. read more[...]

Exploring Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor!

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Let's just establish from the get-go that Montenegro's Kotor is more captivating and enchanting than words could ever do justice. Traditional Mediterranean architecture is juxtaposed with the striking mountains above, with spectacular views everywhere you look. But the Bay of Kotor is much more than just Kotor and its Old Town. read more[...]

Exploring Reykjavik, Iceland!

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Icelanders often describe their country as the land of fire and ice. The diverse landscape is defined by volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and geysers. But the capital city of Reykjavik has much to offer too. Reykjavik is home to two-thirds of Iceland’s population. But housing two-thirds of a small country (Iceland’s entire population is[...]